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Famous commercial photographer Tim Tadder creating coolest wigs ever – Water Wigs

Tim Tadder: An introduction

Tim Tadder, Commercial Photographer

A visual communicator and the only finest commercial photographer, Tim Tadder is like a one-of-its kind volcano of creativity. A picture maker, cyclist, Ravens fan, Photoshop geek, a story teller, a husband, fun-loving father (he does believe that Parenting can be amazingly creative!), a tall-fair-handsome bloke (yeah he is 6 feet 7 inches tall in reality!), an adventurer & explorer, a sports buff, and a metonym to prodigy, Tim Taddar has a long list of fascinating traits that sets him apart to be recognized as a world class photographer (NO! I am not paid to praise or flatter him). An anecdote of ingenuity, Tim believes that his work facilitates his life – a life that is full of passion, angst and filled with desires. This ideation of life is clearly visible in his images that represent moments which are beyond reality and often a resemblance to a perfect reality.

A BS in Mathematics and an MA in Visual Communications, Tim Tadder inherited the photography genes from his father who was a renowned photographer himself! This genetic creative beetle sprouted at the age of 12 in a darkroom where Tim developed his first print. Since then, Tim Tadder has scaled the ladder of success and brilliancy and his name has now become a photography brand in itself.  As a commercial photographer, Tim postulates that his motive through this grotesque medium of photography is to communicate and have his images inspire and affect people to derive a palpable reaction from it.

A creative visionary, Tim started his career as a photo journalist and switched to commercial photography in 2005. Widely known for his darker, distinctive and ethereal shots, he has produced award winning campaigns for eminent consumer brands such as Adidas, Budweiser, Coke Zero, Bud Light, Mercedes Benz, Microsoft, Craftsman, Gatorade, Powerade and many more. His brilliancy and inventiveness has accredited him to make heroic portraits of some of world’s most outlandish human beings such as business magnate Bill Gates & his wife, the former president of USA George W. Bush, American swimmer & Olympian Michael Phelps, American football quarterback Tom Brady and various other eminent bigwigs. His award winning campaigns (Winner of Graphis Gold, Kelly Awards, Communications Arts Photo Annuals and others) have marked an impression in the history of creativity.

Apart from pursuing his passion for portraits and creating edgy ads, Tim Tadder is skilled to bring out the extraordinary from the ordinary and the perfect example for this is his most talked about recent series of photos called Water Wigs. This L.A. photographer captured photos of bald men and women models getting minced with water balloons on the head to create a comical and arresting water wigs (he still thanks his stars for not getting beaten-up by those models). “I got tired of repeating the same thing all the time and wanted to find a visual concept that I’d never seen before,” says Tim Tadder and creates this masterpiece with water balloons, Lasers, Microphones and a few powerful lighting strobes, conveying all the photography lovers that creativity is never four-walled and it is important to have your own voice rather than just being an echo in this gigantic universe.

Behind the scenes: The Water Wig Project

Tim Tadder’s personal favorite photo, a picture of Dorothea Lange’s ‘Migrant Mother’ hangs on the wall of his studio. This ardent photographer surely knows how to appreciate, create and manifest art and at the same time, maintain that balance scale of personal & professional life. This prolific mastermind is idolized by many budding photographers across the globe and even after almost a decade of career in photography, his creative beetle has never failed to outperform. It is hard to compact his array of work in few words and as it is said that ‘action speaks louder than words’, you can visit Tim Tadder Photography to see that action speak for itself. If you haven’t stalked him yet on Facebook, you surely are missing out on something that’s at par with excellence. The coolest human being that he is, Tim Tadder will be delighted to hear your appreciations and thoughts to magnify this microcosm of visual art.