You and Your Camera by Akshay Mallabadi

You and Your Camera

Akshay Mallabadi, Featured Photographer

Many of them have a DSLR these days (it’s like a social status) which are desolately resting or rather rusting in the cupboard and rarely come out for a walk. I feel pity for such cameras for getting suffocated doing absolutely nothing and dying out eventually. Cameras are not meant for that, in fact I’d say just wipe the dust off your camera and give it a life, use them creatively/artistically and see how that give you the pictures you will cherish for life.

You have to see with your eyes closed!!!

Yes it’s the third eye…. your mind’s eye……. you should be able to click a picture in your mind before you have that thing captured in your camera, look at the scenes with different perspectives, try figuring out the best composition for the current scenario and then visualize the shot, frame it and then shoot it !!!

Here are a few things which I have come up with, personally from my experience which can help us in learning the art of photography.

Akshay Mallabadi, Featured Photographer

1) Understanding the 3 main aspects of photography (ISO, Aperture, Shutter): Googling out can help you with the initial concepts, read it, digest it before you move on to the second step.

2) Be friendly with your camera, try to know it better. Understand each of the settings and buttons given on the Camera. They are there for a reason and you got to know them before you move further.

3) Experimenting with your camera – Lots of trial and error shots with different settings will teach you more than any other photographer does, analyze each image and understand the differences between the shots which you take (Nobody is going to teach you more than you learn yourself)

4) Just go out and shoot!!! Sounds like a rebuke though, indeed it is :-) Get out of your room and try shooting- Nature, People, Cities, wildlife, Architectures, so on and so forth. Try shooting in different weather and climatic conditions, you will come out to be a better person than a better photographer you were before, if not both. Trust me on this you will learn a lot both personally as well as technically.

Akshay Mallabadi, Featured Photographer

5) Build a group of like-minded photographers, go for photo walks/photography trips and have some brainstorming sessions or exchange of ideas, which can help you a lot and might change your perspectives and the way you see things.

6) Read photography articles online and watch the videos on YouTube for photography tips and tricks for each genre of photography you are interested in and that will do wonders for your shots. Take one genre at a time, know the tips and tricks that more mature photographers of that genre use on a frequent basis, understand and experiment with them, master them and then explore further.

Akshay Mallabadi, Featured Photographer

7) Keep analyzing the pictures you see -Try to understand the pictures of fellow photographers or of your own for that matter. Analyze them how it was composed or framed and see if you could have done something better with that given scenario. Such exercises will teach you a lot and that’s how you’ll learn faster.

That was all about capturing and improving your photographic skills!!! There is another important aspect called post processing of the photographs which I will cover in my next post, till then happy clicking and experimenting.

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(Shoot often, Shoot RAW)

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