How photography happened to me: Manisha Hegde

How photography happened to me

Manisha Hegde, Amateur Photographer, Silhouette Photography

Some images are so striking that you want to preserve the sight. Long before I owned a camera or even a camera phone, I would try to register images in my mind, sometimes framing them with my fingers. When I finally put together enough to buy a cheap camera of an obscure brand, I developed a taste for photography that was whetted by the knowledge – bestowed upon me by the accompanying editing CD – that I could modify pictures to my taste.

Manisha Hegde, Amateur Photographer, Silhouette Photography

On my twentieth birthday my sister made to me the timely gift of a Nikon Coolpix S3000. The device became my constant companion, and spawned my association with images and the numerous ways in which they can be represented. Arbitrariness calls out to me. When I see some things in their natural state of disarray, I feel compelled to ‘freeze’ the present and reinterpret it.

My frames are very personal, surreal reflections of the ‘reality’ that meets my gaze.

-          Manisha D. Hegde

Manisha Hegde, Amateur Photographer, Silhouette Photography

all images © Manisha Hegde

About Manisha

Manisha Hegde, Amateur Photographer

Manisha is an amateur photographer based out of Bangalore, India. Her photographs are mostly her own depiction of world around her. Manisha loves to visit new places to explore them and to capture some of her thoughts in accordance with her surroundings.

Manisha blogs at about photography, life, her travels and also writes some fascinating short stories. You can follow her through her Flickr page which is a display board of her body of work.