Panasonic GH 4K Camera: First Look

Panasonic GH 4K Camera: First Look

Panasonic GH 4K, 4K Camera, MILC

Since last month rumors were rife about Panasonic launching a new 4K micro four-thirds interchangeable-lens camera in early 2014. In CES 2014 (Consumer Electronics Show), Las Vegas, Nevada, Panasonic booth exhibiting a new 4K camera was not a big surprise for many Panasonic followers. Based on Panasonic GH series, the exteriors of GH 4K matches closely with GH3 but the features are vastly different. GH 4K is more of a video camera capable of capturing images as compared to GH3 which would be more preferred by those interested in still image photography.

The rumored features of Panasonic GH 4K are:

  • Image Sensor: 4/3” Micro Four Thirds sensor
  • Effective Resolution: 16MP
  • Maximum Shutter Speed: 1/8000 s
  • Display Screen: 1M dots OLED screen
  • Viewfinder: 21mm OLED electronic viewfinder
  • Video Recording: 30fps in 4K mode
  • Form Factor: Slightly larger than GH3
  • Output: 10/8 bit 4:2:2

Panasonic has not come out with specifications of the camera but if rumors can be believed than GH 4K will be capable of recording Ultra High definition (UHD) content at around 200 Mbps in All-I mode or at 100 Mbps in IPB. Footage of the recording can directly be fed live to a 4K TV or can be stored in a hard drive via an HDMI mini port or can be stored in an internal SDXC card. This camera is also expected to shoot photographs simultaneously while capturing videos.

Panasonic has also not divulged the price of this camera and the expected official release date could be in late February. Also, the camera is rumored to be priced between US$ 2,000 to US$ 3,000. We will come up with a more detailed review of this camera once it is launched. Till then keep watching this space for updates on Panasonic GH 4K.