Food Photography by Marianne LoMonaco

Food Photography by Marianne LoMonaco

Marianne LoMonaco, Wine

I’m not a particularly verbose person. I think that’s why I like taking pictures… they speak for themselves. ~Jeb Dickerson

This quote of Jeb Dickerson says a lot about Marianne LoMonaco: a Toronto, Canada based self taught Fine Art photographer, who fell in love, head over heels, with photography in 2009. Read yourself what Marianne has to say about it on her Flickr profile page, “In 2009 I upgraded my camera to one that actually worked. And I fell in love. Hard and fast. Passionately in love. With photography. I couldn’t stop talking about it. Thinking about it. Learning more about it. I was driven to improve both creatively and technically, never satisfied for long without challenging myself. It was that year I found a part of my life I was always meant to live.”

Marianne LoMonaco, Watermelon

Falling in love is easy and so is falling out of it. Marianne stayed in her relationship with photography and it was helped a lot by her decision to take on the Project 365 in 2010. Marianne believes, taking on this project was a great experience in itself but it also taught a lot many new things about photography to Marianne. She started to understand the minute nuisances of photography a lot better than earlier and improved as a photographer. In her own words, “I completed my first project 365 in December 2010. While I learned many things that year I think I really learned to see the world in a new way.” Since the successful completion of her first ‘Project 365’, she took on another 365 day project and a theme-based 24 week project.

Marianne LoMonaco, Strawberry

Marianne’s inspiration behind photography is not unique but full of opportunities. She says, “I am inspired by beautiful light, shadows, lines, colors and the world around me. I don’t know if I have a style; I love nature, I find beauty in everyday things and I enjoy thinking up creative shots. I just really love the whole process from beginning to end.”

Marianne LoMonaco, Food Photography

Marianne tries different photography genres such as Nature photography, Still Life photography and ‘Kitchen and Food’ photography. Here we brought some of her mouth-watering compositions from the Kitchen and Food series which may also push you towards healthy eating.

Marianne LoMonaco, Food Photography, Lollipops

Marianne LoMonaco, Food Photography, Coffee

Marianne LoMonaco, Food Photography, Apple Heart

Marianne LoMonaco, Food Photography, Kitchen

Marianne LoMonaco, Food Photography, Cup Cake

Marianne LoMonaco, Food Photography, Cherry Splash

Marianne LoMonaco, Food Photography, Fork U

Marianne LoMonaco, Food Photography, Lemon

Marianne LoMonaco, Food Photography, Eggs

Marianne LoMonaco, Food Photography, Cookies

Marianne LoMonaco, Strawberries

Marianne’s collection can be viewed at from where you can also buy prints of her photographs. You can also follow Marianne on Flickr.

all images © Marianne LoMonaco