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D-Can Concept Camera – Not your regular rectangular camera

D-Can Concept Camera – Not your regular rectangular camera

D-Can, Concept Camera

Digital cameras are available in different sizes but the basic shape of all cameras available in the market remains pretty much the same. In fact size of cameras has reduced dramatically over the years but the rectangular shape has been a constant attribute. This rectangular body structure is expected to provide better balance in lens mounting and is also considered better for holding the camera. However, designer Jean-Michael Bonnemoy doesn’t buy this theory and points out myriads loop holes in it. Jean came up with interesting and thought provoking idea for camera shape, if not revolutionary. He challenges the very notion of cameras being rectangular as an ergonomic idea and says that these shapes were certainly more suitable for film cameras where film rolls need to be stored inside it. But, modern digital camera should be shaped differently. And then he came up with the design of a cylindrical shaped camera: D-Can.

Jean claims that D-Can cameras are better suited for hand hold shooting and the size (volume) when compared to conventional DSLRs is also reduced. D-Can resembles to a telescope and all the controls are placed on the body of cylinder. Here is our review of D-Can:

Key features of D-Can

  • Large range zoom lens with image stabilization
  • Two rings at the front: one manages the focus correction and other one for zoom. Focal is also lockable.
  • An extension cursor for Macro Photography which will adjust the minimum focus distance.
  • A flappable lens cap which features an electronic flash as well as an AF-assist illuminator. Lens cap always remains fasten to the camera so no fear of losing it.
  • Accessory shoe which can be attached with an electronic flash, a microphone as well as remote control receiver.
  • Cursor view options to choose among video shooting, still, picture reading, intervalometer and power off options.
  • Cursor view options to select shooting modes including program, aperture priority, manual, speed.
  • Digital display for ISO settings with dual keys to increase decrease ISO (ISO Value Range: 100 – 6,400).
  • A shutter release button which will lock focus on half press and consistent press will allow shooting in continuous mode.
  • Two thumb wheels near the shutter release button: one for exposure correction in auto or semi-auto modes or for aperture control in manual mode. Another one for program shift (P), shutter speed options (Tv, M) or Aperture (Av).
  • A high definition back screen for aiming and parameter shooting using a trackball.

Will D-Can set the market on fire with its unconventional design or will be one of those concepts which never get materialize from economic prospect?

What do you think? Do share your thoughts with us in form of comments!!