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Adobe switches to Creative Cloud (CC) from Creative Suite (CS)

Adobe switches to subscription based Creative Cloud (CC) services for all Creative Suite (CS) Products

In April, 2013 Adobe shocked most of its customers by announcing the end of CS (Creative Solutions) and the mandatory use of CC (Creative Cloud). Saying ‘most’ simply means that a few of the Adobe customers were already waiting for something like this to happen since the launch of creative cloud service with CS6. So, what exactly does this mean? It means that for CC service you don’t have to pay the entire amount in one shot as you can opt for monthly or yearly subscription. You will get 20 GB and 100 GB space respectively for ‘Plans for individual’ and ‘Plans for Teams and Business’. You can also opt between the subscription of a single app or all the apps. Your account on cloud can be synced with your computer and all your files will be available at both the places.

Other than the apps covered under Photoshop CS6 and other adobe creative tools such as Illustrator, Dreamweaver etc. a few new tools such as Edge Animate and Muse is added and your account can also be integrated with ‘Behance’, a design social network, acquired by Adobe very recently.

This promotional video explains some of the key features of Adobe creative cloud.

Up-gradation Charges:

One month trial subscription is free with 2GB of space provided. For an individual or freelancer a single app will cost US$ 19.99 per month and in US$ 49.99 per month full version of every app can be accessed. 20 GB of storage will be provided on cloud by Adobe. If you own CS6 then you have to pay only US$19.99 for complete package. Similarly for the owners of CS3 – CS5, the complete package will cost US$ 29.99 and a single app will cost US$ 9.99. For CS1 and CS2 owners the normal rates of US$ 19.99 and US$ 49.99 will be applicable for single app and complete package respectively.

For an organization or teams, per user license of complete package will cost US$ 69.99 per month and for existing CS users, price will go down to US$ 39.99 per month for first two years. 100 GB space on cloud will be available for corporate package.

For individual students and teachers the prices are fixed at US$ 19.99 per month for complete package for the first year with 20GB of storage and for teams the price goes to US$ 39.99 per month per user for complete package with 100 GB available space.

What will happen to Photoshop CS6?

Adobe has also announced that they will keep supporting CS6 as long as it is compatible with available operating systems in the market. Once it becomes obsolete, Adobe will stop supporting it.

Pros and Cons

For current Photoshop users who are using CS3 and above, upgrading cost doesn’t seem a lot but for new users or the ones who want to upgrade from CS1 – CS2 to this service, the price of US$ 49.99 per month seems a bit steep. Even the US$ 29.99 for existing customer seems fine for now but once most of the customers switch to CC and Adobe will decide to increase the monthly subscription rate, it won’t do any good for individuals and freelancers. Also, if you opt for a monthly subscription, you have to log in into your account at least once in every 30 days to verify your Adobe ID. In modern days, it doesn’t look like a lot of trouble but while traveling to a remote location where internet might not be available at your perusal, ID verification might be a problem.

You can store your files on cloud as well can sync your account with your computer and can store the files locally as well. Anyway, it will be a suggested precautionary step in case if Adobe Servers won’t be able to provide a back-up someday or if you lose internet connectivity. All your standard tools will be synced throughout every application, so using them will be easier than before. Also, using Behance service you can send and share your photographs directly to your profile and with others.